Thursday, November 25, 2010

ThanksGiving Dinner

Tonight is ThanksGiving dinner, I would like to utilize tonight to say thanks for a lot of beautiful things in my life. Right now I am enjoying a company of a 9 year old boy , called Pranshu and he was cought a lil while ago playing with so called tents, ( ahem more like a blanket and his chairs) anyhoo , so after that he got to experience my Creative Awseomness with a song I just created ....

Here goes the P Song ...
  P plays with a Doll...
  P is girlie ,
  P like dolls ...
and you can sing it as long as its making him mad ( somehow it always works) great. And the best moment of the night was I was able to teach his lil devil sister( Disclaimer : P's word ) the song , and hence I passed my awsome legacy to her GRrrrrrrr hahaha..

Anyway thnakyou world for giving everything I have tonight with me , my family , my wife , Mr. T, lil bit of Vodka in me , oh yeah gotta go people are waiting for me to kick their asses in Uno...


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hey wake up! Time for a jog! !!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ah!! Flash this

Finally created the first flash website. Well technically its a showcase , still long way to go . heres a peek "" .
Its a free website domain is free,  hosting is free and content well here is the author people. AdSense thing is not working yet trying to make a complete website for a full experience purpose and probably training myself for the future. Lets see how that will work out.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Words and me

Ah just opened this blogging chapter again . Man you wouldn't believe was lying under a lot of dust alas got to be back. It would be cool if this would be like a book , you can touch feel and smell the old rotting pages. Slide your hand to the bookmark to open the page where you left. I always forget whether I was on the left page or the right one. how do you guys do it? Anyhoo don't mind reading a few lines again . This reminds me got new set of books from library . My favorate time in the library is closing time around 4 ish . At that time they have just finished bringing the books other people have just returned. Thats the best way to find books go through the list and pick one unless I am looking for something speific. Got four books today :
Book of learning ( One of those self improvement ones , I will give them one more chance )
Life of Pi
Skitzy , its a visual one
Hard Times , Classic

Variety helps in changing mood , which is very common if you are living in mn since weather changes so fast . Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend :)