Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day on a stick

Yep you guessed it MN State fair popular for everything on a stick. Went there with my friend and after a long struggle was able to find a nice parking spot now just waiting for the bus. First thing we noticed was how much people around that place were enjoying it, big posters in their hands "Park here 10$" wohoo ching ching !!  Flow with the tide.... The place was packed with people. I have never seen so many people in US in one place... and so much food on stick. That place offers a great opportunity for people watchers . My favourate spot was the pig barn . Reminds me of a proverb i heard somewhere " Dog look upon us Cats look down on us ...Pigs treat us equally" . The best part of the whole fair was the Art gallery which compromises of amazing pieces from all over MN art galleries.  Inspired by same I did something today :)

Droppping ink spots on the canvas

First entry how are ya? Good. Started this blog to express my thoughts, more like sort out my thoughts everyday if it makes any sense? So lets introduce myself to the book. You can call me Vic, blown twenty six candles on my last birthday cake. I think the space is getting a lil cramped on the cake . Yikes. Remind me to get numeric once next time !!  I love to draw and paint so occassionally you will have to be a critic of my work. Don't you just love that job? This reminds me of the critique dude,Ego  in the movie "Ratatouille" . Amazing movie. I love animated movies as they are closely related to my passion of art and drawing. Lets keep it short and sweet for now.